Remove values from an array

Prototype.js library has a handy function called Array.without, which "produces a new version of the array that does not contain any of the specified values.".

Quite often one might need to do the same thing in PHP. Here is a function for those occasions.

  1. <?php
  3. /**
  4.  * Remove specified values from the array
  5.  *
  6.  * @param array $array  Array to update
  7.  * @param array $values Array of values to remove
  8.  * @return array
  9.  */
  10. function array_without(array $array, $values)
  11. {
  12.     $values = (array) $values;
  14.     foreach ($values as $value) {
  15.         do {
  16.             $key = array_search($value, $array);
  18.             if ($key !== false) {
  19.                 unset($array[$key]);
  20.             }
  21.         } while ($key !== false);
  22.     }
  24.     return $array;
  25. }

First thing we convert $values to an array. This means that if you pass a string to this function, it will become an array with one entry ($values[0]).

Next we loop through the list of values that we want to remove. Because of the fact that array_search function only finds the first occurence of the value, we need to run it as until we can't find any instances of $value.

As the last thing we return the modified array.

A quick example:

Let's assume we have an array, which looks like this:

  1. $a = array('apple', 'pear', 'potato', 'tomato');

If we wanted to get rid of 'potato' and 'tomato', we would run array_without the following way:

  1. $a = array_without($a, array('potato', 'tomato'));

or like this, if we only wanted to remove 'tomato':

  1. $a = array_without($a, 'tomato');

Pretty easy, eh!

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