Replace URLs in the text with page titles

Have you ever wanted to parse comments on your website or blog and replace all links that a user has enered with titles of the respective pages?

Look no further as you have found the answer!

It might look quite complicated at the beginning (if you are not that advanced in PHP) therefore I will try to explain every step involved as thorough as I can.


Welcome to!

Since doing PHP and especially since I started using Zend Framework I have had many occasions when I needed something specific but I didn't want to do it myself because I assumed that it would be available somewhere on the internet. Nevertheless, I often failed after long hours of searching.

And that is how the idea to create this webpage was born. I wanted to share all the numerous functions and classes, which I have developed as the result of my searches and requirements, with other people.

I hope you will find use for them in your own applications or be able to learn from them something new. Feel free to modify everything to your needs but it would be highly appreciated if you could mention in your scripts.

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